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Evans’ Rag

Vol 1 Issue 11

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In Saint-Tropez, the boats remain poised to head out to sea. And the distance from quay to cockpit is as wide as the lives of the passing tourists are from the yachtsmen. One may step from one world into another by simply moving from the quay to being on board.

The distance between the lives wrapped in luxury vs. bare refugees from a raging civil war provides the lens by which we all see the world. To the degree people can recognize themselves in the lives of others, they may choose to live in a larger world.

Saint-Tropez Sketch was begun the day we spent there. It hopes to be a short story shortly, but meanwhile, the first part of it is here. If you want to see how it turns out, you’ll need to wait for the next newsletter. Sorry, but I write slowly.

The citadel above Grimaud, near St. Tropez

The citadel above Grimaud, near St. Tropez


This week’s blog, Woman Who Lost her Head began several months ago as an exercise in descriptive writing, working from memory of a photograph we’d purchased a few years prior.  Later, I did return to study the photograph to be sure the description was sufficiently true to the photograph. 

The blog is also an attempt at discussing attitudes and mores and how they change (if they do) over time.  A kind of hold-over from last week’s short piece on Michelangelo’s David–another take, anyway.