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Coming in 2019 …


kill devil come the storm

An ensemble cast: policeman and a teenage runaway, drug dealer and his African American beauty, a guitarist who’s as gifted as Stevie Ray, and a mythic Indian tribe who have never signed a peace treaty with the government.  The drug dealers know too much, and the local police don’t know enough.  Introduce goombahs from New York City, an out of control DEA agent, and murder in paradise ensues

It was a quiet summer until the tropical storm caught the weathermen flat-footed.  Charlie dislikes hurricanes; he doesn’t even like talking about them. But policemen are paid to save lives and catch villains, so that’s what he plans to do.  The drugs and violence seeping north from Colombia threaten to wrap the Outer Banks in a nightmare, and when he’s called to the fight, Charlie is determined not to back down.

Charlie develops a serious crush on the white haired Texas surfer, who can ride a board like she was born to it, and who’s closest friend’s family comes out of slavery in the Carolina low country.  But neither girl sees a color difference between them; it only matters that they stand together against the coming storm.  As for the policeman, the Texan surfer is just not sure what to make of him.  

In the 80s, Carolina is reengaging the rest of the country; while determined to hold on to a culture rooted in the past.  Still decades further back, yet the Outer Banks have become a charming attraction for out-of-state tourists.  For the islanders, it means booming construction, and a flood of party goers bringing their 80s drug tastes.  Raucous beach parties on Pine Island are fast becoming infamous. 

There is a slow soul to the Outer Banks.  The ocean comes in on slow rollers, and the pelicans take long strokes against the full ocean air.  The question, can the once quaint islands survive the drug dealers and hurricanes racing to see who can destroy paradise faster?  Knowing that the Devil always rides the sidecar.