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Paws on A bedspread

Dog owners (often referred to as canine enablers) frequently have engaging discussions among that cohort as to whether their wolfish brethren are a) allowed to sleep in bed with them or b) allowed on couches, chairs, et al. To the first I’ll confess once a cat attempted the bed-sleeping trick only to find herself launched across the bedroom, much to our later mutual chagrin. As to the latter...

Back when we were interviewing Layla for the job as sole canine of the house about any proclivities she might have regarding these not unheard of practices, she raised her right paw and swore in her mostly moist-eyed expression that she wouldn’t let us down. Not exactly the question we’d asked, but OK, her sincerity won us over.

So when we’d come home to find paw-like indentations on the bedspread, we just knew it couldn’t be our precious Layla. Perhaps she’d invited a buddy over? Possibly, though again, she swore with paw raised that she’d never do that.

Now I realize some dog lovers (the more inclined to put-booties-on-their-precious-little-paws type) find the resting of dogs on furniture a sign of their love and affection. I am of the sterner school: if you give in to this, the next thing they’ll be asking for is the car for the evening. It’s a slippery slope, that’s all I’m saying.

Tonight, as we were talking at the breakfast bar–all of five feet from the living room in a relaxed beach house evening–we saw a shocking sight.

Couch Dog

Couch Dog