Post to the World, LLC

Unfavorable Shift of Wind  

Proud to show his woman

product of his craft

before the press

she took his handheld tour.

Forecourt laid in red rock

the sod rolls and palmettoes

trailered north from Florida

plants in hemp and painters

still applying coats before

the plastic ferns were hung

golf cart charging for its first

downhill meters to the beach.

Her expression as his words conveyed

in Spanglish ‘things’ it changed

like she remembered Panama

set high from reach behind its walls.

Here was granted, mortgage signed

keys to heaven with a Lexus

worth the gauntlet run

those thousands miles.

Man on deck with chapbook

prime witness to the craftsman

one certain what he’d built was good

other puzzled by its value, was

this America? Was it real

and was she dazzled?

If neither knew they weren’t

alone. The lesson held no clues.

Inside a glam rock wonderland

this side an LA photo shoot

septic silos in the sand

making up the balance

on this laser measured shifting

dune, an island full denied

by packaged shit and squatters

too weak to climb the hill

one more sign for Enders

time for stocking shelves oiling guns

and locking down the babies

as parable this was one.

Sign’s been changed, price reduced

best on beach with swimming pool

owned by Bank, don’t let it pass!

credit waived sign up you’re in!

Still new enough its edges crisp

and bevels clean, palm trees flagging

scalloped shingles still pristine

though birds avoid the ridges

mortgaged to the weather

coming on first hurricane

one hard slapped clueless

lover stuck in place.

On an isthmus wedged between

two over weaned realities

in a village far from pavement

his children now chase butterflies

if caring, they don’t know this yet

Panama’s reclaimed her own

may they do better by that place

than this chilly clime, this shoulder.